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Guerrilla fights

To break the monotony of clicking daily to beat up enemy tanks, eRepublik recently introduced “Guerrilla Warfare” which allows you, the player, to go 1 v 1 with a player on your opponent side.
To be eligible to participate in this relatively new feature of eRepublik, players need to do 5 kills in a MPP battle -resistance wars do not count. As PvP battles are meant to be fought against players, you can only join one if there’s a player on the other side. Also, these battles are not bound by strength, XP or division laws - you may find a 45k God Of War*** as your opponent, or if you’re lucky, you'll have a 200 strength newbie to play around with. The strength and rank difference between you and your opponent translates into "Bonus damage" ingame which gives the player with the additional strength a distinct advantage.

Game Mech

Weapons and Armor 
Launch of the Guerrilla fights The Guerrilla Fight inventory is available on any battle page, next to the statistics button. There are four classes of primary weapons: Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Snipers. Each class of weapons is effective at a certain distance (ex: pistols are effective at 100m, while snipers are best used from 700m). Wearing armor allows you to withstand more damage, but the extra weight will slow you down. The equipment for Guerrilla Fights cannot be manufactured. It can be bought from the inventory page or received when winning fights. The weapons don’t have a durability, but they must be replaced when their ammo and clips (magazines) run out. Armor items have a durability, which indicates the number of fights they can be used in. All Guerrilla Fight items have attributes that directly influence the player attributes.


It is strongly advised to enter a PvP battle only after you have equipped yourself. Equipment can be bought for a few CC - although it does add up to a considerable amount if you want to do it on a regular basis- and greatly increases your chances of a win in the battle.

The Helmet, Armour, boots and weapons that you buy will affect and increase/decrease your armour, accuracy and agility in the battle. It is advisable to have a variety of weapons which are useable different ranges in battle. There isn’t much of an option regarding the boots and the helmets but its best to be equipped with it anyway - the extra armor points that you get with it are invaluable in close fights.

Two super items, the Type X Sniper rifle and the Type X Frag Grenade are also available. They generally give more damage, compared to the other items but are more expensive. The Type X Frag Grenade allows you to do damage even when you’re “dodging” an attack, and is a pretty handy weapon to have in the weapon 2 slot, while the Sniper rifle is preferred due to its long range and high damage.

Player Attributes
At each fight, your Strength and Military rank are weighted against the opponent’s Strength and Military rank to determine your “Bonus Damage” Bonus Damage is based on the ratio of victories and losses:
1. 0 Bonus Damage: Win/loss ratio is less than 1;
2. 1 Bonus Damage: Win/loss ratio is between 1-1.99;
3. 2 Bonus Damage: Win/loss ratio is 2 or more. 

Armor, Accuracy and Agility are attributes influenced by the equipment worn in combat. Each attribute is explained below:
1. Armor: you can receive an amount of damage equal to the Armor rating before starting to loose Energy
2. Accuracy: modifies the chance to hit your target
3. Agility: determines the distance you can move in one turn. The default value is 200m.

The fight

Once you’ve equipped yourself and done your five kills, you can proceed to the button on the bottom right side and start the Guerrilla Fight.

Players have the options to Fight, Move - either forward or backward as you require for maximum accuracy of your weapon - or dodge your opponent’s attack. Reloading also comes into play once you run out of shots. Weapons can also be changed by clicking on your current weapon on the right side - assuming you have weapons in the inventory to replace them with.

A guerrilla fight lasts 20 rounds. Incase of neither player able to knock the other out completely, the one with the higher strength wins. At the end of a guerrilla fight, you get a rank up as with normal battles and your damage is counted in the actual battle. Winners also get the chance to take equipment from the defeated party.

The Verdict:

If you enjoy the thrill of fighting with a real opponent, second guessing their moves and planning counterstrategies to prevent them from succeeding - and ,can afford to spend the extra CC which goes with the equipment and weapons - guerrilla warfare is definitely for you.

However, for those of us who do not enjoy coping with odd numbered health - often the case after winning PvP battles- or the tedious and time consuming process to deliver what is only 10 FFs worth of damage in the battle, Guerrilla Warfare is not worth it. Commune workers and non gold buyers may also find that its a lot simpler to just fight their full FFs conventionally, without indulging in this expensive method of personalised warfare. While this fancy method of warfare is not everyone’s cup of tea, it has tried to spice up the game for players and should definitely be looked into when you’re bored and staring at the pixels with nothing to do.

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